The Best List of Foods that Start with K

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K is for Kiwi, Kale, and Ketchup. And this is just the start of our list of foods that start with K! We will explore some common and not-so-common K foods. Not to mention some fun dishes from around the world.

This list of K foods can be useful for children, parents, teachers, and for whoever is interested in an awesome list. So, let’s grab a fork and knife and dig into this grub list.

Foods that Start with K

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Common Foods that Start With the Letter K

Before we get into some unique foods, let’s take a look at the most well-known or common foods on the block!

food beginning with k - king crab

Kale – is a green, leafy, cruciferous vegetable that is rich in nutrients. It may offer a range of health benefits for the whole body.

Kiwi – is a small, brown fruit with green flesh some are even yellow. It is native to China but grows in many other countries around the world.

Ketchup – is a sauce made from tomatoes, vinegar, and spices. It is used as a condiment on many foods, such as hamburgers, fries, and hot dogs.

Kettle Corn – is a type of popcorn that is cooked in a kettle with sugar and oil. It is a popular snack food at fairs and carnivals.

Kidney Beans – are a type of common bean that is named for its shape. They are red, white, or black and are used in many dishes.

King Crab – is a large sea crab that is popular as a seafood dish. It is usually boiled or steamed and served with melted butter.

Kingfish – is a type of saltwater fish that is also called king mackerel. It is a popular fish for eating but can also be used for bait.

Kosher Pickles- are cucumbers that are pickled in a brine (salt water) solution. They are a popular food in Jewish cuisine.

Foods that Start with K that are Unique

Some foods begin with the letter K that you might not be familiar with!

food that starts with the letter k - Kimchi

Karela – is a type of bitter melon that is popular in India. It is often cooked with spices to make it more palatable.

Kimchi – is a type of fermented cabbage dish that is popular in Korea. It is often spicy and can be used as a side dish or condiment.

Kohlrabi – is a type of cabbage that is easily recognizable by its round, bulbous shape. It can be eaten raw or cooked and has a mild, sweet flavor.

Kumquat – is a type of small citrus fruit that resembles a mini orange. It is native to China but can be found in many other countries as well.

Kvass – is a type of fermented drink that is popular in Russia. It is made from rye bread and is generally safe to drink.

Kielbasa – is a type of Polish sausage that is made from pork, beef, or turkey. It is traditionally grilled or smoked and can be served as an appetizer or main dish.

Kipper – is a type of smoked fish that is usually made from herring. It can be eaten whole or used as an ingredient in other dishes.

Now that we know a little bit more about some K foods let’s explore some recipes from around the world!

Popular Dishes That Start With K

Let’s hope on a plane and travel the world looking for popular food dishes that start with the letter K!

Kung Pao Chicken is a food that begins with K

Knish – is a pastry filled with potatoes, meat, or cheese. It is popular in Jewish cuisine and originated in Eastern Europe.

Kabob – is a grilled dish of meat, vegetables, or both. It is popular in many cuisines including Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Indian.

Kung Pao Chicken – is a dish of chicken, peanuts, and chili peppers. It is popular in Chinese cuisine and can be spicy.

Kedgeree – is a dish of rice, smoked fish, and boiled eggs. It is popular in England and India and makes a great breakfast or brunch.

Korma – is a type of curry that is popular in India. It is made with meat or vegetables and has a creamy, coconut milk-based sauce.

Klenät – is a Nordic fried pastry that is traditionally eaten during Christmas time.

Kreplach – is a type of Jewish dumpling that is filled with meat, potatoes, or cheese. It is traditionally boiled and served in chicken soup.

Kardemommeboller – is a type of cinnamon roll that is popular in Norway. It is usually served as a dessert or snack and is often flavored with cardamom.

Kuchen – is a type of German cake that can be made with various fruit fillings. It is popular as a breakfast pastry or dessert and is often served with coffee.

Krupnik – is a type of Polish soup that is made with beef, vegetables, and barley. It is traditionally served during the winter months and is perfect for a chilly day.

Drinks That Begin With K

It’s time to grab a glass and fill it up with something drinkable from the letter K!

foods with K - kombucha

Kahlua – is a coffee-flavored liqueur that originated in Mexico. It is often used in cocktails or as a dessert topping.

Kefir – is a type of fermented milk drink that originated in Eastern Europe. It is rich in probiotics and can be enjoyed plain or flavored.

Kombucha – is a type of fermented mushroom tea that is rich in probiotics. It has a slightly sweet and sour taste.

Kirsch – is a cherry-flavored liqueur that is popular in cocktails and baking. It is made from cherries that are fermented with their pits

Desserts That Begin With K

It’s always nice to finish things off with something sweet. This list of desserts with doing just that!

food list of J foods - key lime pie

Kitchen Sink Cookies – are cookies that are made with every type of ingredient in the pantry. They are usually very large and chocolatey.

Key Lime Pie – this is a tart and sweet pie that is made with key lime juice, eggs, and condensed milk. It is popular in Florida and has a graham cracker crust.

Kanelbullar – is a type of Swedish cinnamon roll that is often flavored with cardamom.

Klondike Bar – is a type of ice cream bar that is coated in chocolate. It has a vanilla ice cream center and was created in 1922.

Kit Kat – is a type of chocolate bar that is made with wafers and covered in chocolate. It was first introduced in 1935 and is now sold in

King’s Cake – is a type of cake that is traditionally served during carnival season. It is often decorated with a plastic baby.

So, there you have it! A variety of foods and dishes from all around the world start with the letter K. We would love to hear about your favorite food that starts with K . Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family, too!

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