26 Beautiful Beach Table Settings: From Wedding to Dinner Party Let’s Go Back To The Beach

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The beach theme has always been a favorite when it comes to events, especially weddings. The relaxed ambiance of the beach, the sound of the waves, and the calming sea breeze are some of the best things about the beach. However, not everyone can have a beachside wedding.

But, do not worry. You can always bring the beach to your home. Inspirational images of beach table settings can help you get ideas on how you can incorporate a beach theme for your next event. In this blog, we will delve into the different color schemes that can be used for a beachy tablescape.

Beach Table Setting Ideas

“Avoid items that may sink into the sand, like narrow heels or small furniture. Opt for wedges or flats and consider beach-friendly seating options, such as driftwood benches.” – The Wedding Academy

Shades of Blue

If you want a classic beach theme, shades of blue are the way to go. This color palette is perfect for creating a serene and cool vibe. You can mix shades of blue from light aqua to navy. Add turquoise table runners and accentuate with white dinnerware. Top it off with seashell accents, starfish, and a scattering of sand.

beach themed table setting
coral blue table setting with seashells
blue beach table setting
beach side table setting for dinner
dark blue beach dinner table setting
blue and white beach dinner table setting
dark blue beach dinner table setting with gold
blue beach dinner table setting with white seashelles
boat beach style table setting
dark and light blue beach table setting for dinner party
elegant beach table setting

Earthy tones

Beach themes do not need to be all about blue. You can incorporate earthy tones too, like sand, greenery, and natural wood. You can use beige and brown tones and add burlap table runners for a rustic touch. Then, add greenery, like succulents, to bring a fresh vibe. Keep the shell accents, and add wood accents, like a wooden tray for salt and pepper shakers.

green tone beachy table setting
simple elegant table setting for beach wedding
sea foam green beach tablescape
green sea foam beachy table setting

Nautical Theme

If you want to veer away from a traditional beach theme, you can go for nautical colors. Use navy as the primary color and accent with white and red. You can also add striped patterns for a classic nautical look. For centerpieces, you can add a small fishing net with anchors and miniature boats.

Nautical Theme beach table setting
Nautical Theme red and blue dinner setting
dark blue and red table scape Nautical Theme
Nautical Themed beach table setting with red, blue, and white

Coral and Pink

For a more feminine beach theme, coral and pink hues are perfect. You can even branch out to purples. You can combine pale pink and coral with white tableware. Add pops of green foliage to add some color balance. This showed you that you can really branch out in color on a beach theme yet still have it all work together.

coral themed beach dinner table
purple and teal beach table setting
elegant coral beach table setting for wedding
purples and teal beach dinner party setting
elegant floral beach table scape with driftwood and coral colors

Beach Sunset

What is a beach theme without a gorgeous beach sunset? You can add shades of orange, gold, and pink to your color scheme. Add natural elements, like driftwood, to balance the bright colors. For centerpieces, you can use mason jars with LED lights to mimic the sunset.

beach sunset themed table setting
beachy sunset colored table setting

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